What is Acutaping?

Acutaping is a relatively new treatment method particularly, but not exclusively, for the treatment of pain.  It is a development of Kinesio-taping and was described by two German doctors, Hans-Ulrich Hecker and Kay Liebchen.  The method has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, but also in osteopathy.  Acu-taping differs from Kinseo-taping in that any “western” symptom can be translated into a Chinese clinical picture and then managed with this therapy.  Thus  more complaints can be treated using Acu-taping, including internal problems such as bowel disorders, menstrual problems, and many others.

How does Acutaping work?

Acutaping is are special tapes that are applied on areas of pain. The tapes are either 5 cm or 2.5 cm wide and 5 meters long. They are made of specially designed stretchable fabric with an acrylic adhesive. The tapes do not contain any other chemicals or medications. They are presented in 4 colours beige, black, pink, and blue.  The different colours are purely for personal preference, and are not intended to have different functions.